Taking a tree down?

Tree-cycle it!

Rather than seeing your beautiful tree go up in smoke as firewood, why not repurpose the wood into valuable timber with TreeCycle?

We offer sustainable timber production services for Wigan and the NorthWest!

Our mobile tree milling services, help you convert wood that otherwise would have been wasted and makes it into valuable timber, which can be then turned into building materials, furniture, or both!

Our Services

Portable Sawmilling

Turning unwanted logs into usable building material – Slabs, beams, boards, and posts.

Bespoke Cutting

Customisable timber materials to suit your projects: For furniture, cladding, character boards, beams, shelves, mantel pieces, tabletops and more!

Sustainably Sourced Products

We have a range of sustainable locally sourced pre-cut timber available on our online shop, ready for collection.

Why TreeCycle 2020?

We champion eco-conscious timber production

We conscientiously ensure that no timber goes to waste, providing you with the
maximum return on investment and helping reduce your trace on the land.

We use portable sawmills that allow us to access your timber at your location,
removing the need for HGV log transportation, and minimising the environmental
impact of our production.

We use a mixture of Alaskan Chainsaw Mills and Bandsaw Mills to ensure we can
meet your needs no matter how big or small. Our sawmills have a maximum
cut width of 59” inches (1500mm) – so there are very few trees we can’t handle!

Our Services

Produces renewable and ecologically friendly building material
Reduces production of artificial materials
Helps reduce your carbon footprint
Promotes environmental stewardship