Portable Sawmilling

Occasionally it’s essential to remove a tree because you are making space for a new building, it’s damaged, or it could even be the hazard itself. So, you call a tree surgeon, the tree gets cut down and the log is used to make firewood. But what if we told you that there is a more environmentally way to use or sell the tree, that is likely to double or triple the wood’s value?

Our mobile tree milling services, help you convert wood that otherwise would have been wasted and make it into valuable timber, which can be then turned into building materials, furniture or both!

Sawmilling is a great alternative to producing firewood, here’s why:

Milled logs will always be worth significantly more financially than firewood.

You can make a range of timber products: From tabletops to cutting boards, the list is endless! Or sell it to someone that can.

Burning firewood emits carbon into our atmosphere, whereas milling and reusing timber, maintains the stored carbon and helps the environment.

Bespoke Cutting

We can produce any size of timber you want as long as your logs are big enough.

Whether you want big live edge slabs for a statement dining table to seat 10 people confortably or some boards to clad your new gazebo, we can produce them. From 3-500 mm thick and from 300 to 1500m mm wide, its all possible!

Whether you want beams, boards, planks, mantels or shingles, if its in your log, we can help you set it free!

Sustainably Sourced Timber Products

We have a range of sustainable locally sourced pre-cut timber and logs available, which can be custom-milled to suit your needs.

If you are interested in our sustainable timber production solutions,
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